Heya im Jobbie !
This is just an art blog where i will post doodles/finished works/etc.

*WARNING Will occasionally have NSFW-ish art so please browse at your own risk.
✦ Pixel above done by liIlet

wanted to see what ice king would look like if i drew him;;
ahh.. i should get back to work..
a lil doodle of Shiro!aaa he’s so cute <333

a lil doodle of Shiro!
aaa he’s so cute <333

heehee another one of him in a maid dress 

gift for a friend which was supposed to be done 2 years ago XD

all i feel like doing now is doodling;;
Commission for enzouke&#160;!
Havent drawn chibis for some time;;
Commission for Kaiet&#160;!

some heads eeehhhh
i really haven’t been able to draw much.. 

Wolphe&#8217;s character, Micah&#160;! what a qt &lt;33

Wolphe’s character, Micah ! what a qt <33